Dr. Mohammed Kaleem


Associate Professor


M. Pharm., Ph.D.

Area of Specialization

Breast cancer, Prostate Cancer, Obesity, Myocardial Infarction, Cardiac remodeling


Two and half year

Area of Research

Cancer Metabolism, Epigenetics, both In vitro and In-vivo

• Good subjective knowledge and ability to handle projects independently and in a group

• Proficient in RT-PCR, UV spectrophotometer, Microtomy, ELISA, Cell culture, MTT/WST-1, Cell proliferation assay, Flow-cytometry, Western blotting, Gel electrophoresis, etc.

• Experienced in animal management for Pharmacological studies

Professional Experience: 5.10 years

Total Experience: 5.10 years.

     -Teaching: 10 months.

     -Research: 3.9 years.

     -Industrial: 1.3 years.

Institutional & Administrative Responsibilities:

     -Member – Research & Innovation Cell


Core Competency Areas: Breast & prostate cancer, Obesity, Diabetics, Myocardial infarction

Publications: 17

Books Chapters: 05

Presentations: 01

Seminars / Workshops / Conferences Attended: 11

Research Projects: 02

Achievements/ Awards:

     -2015, qualified GRE Test and got 280 out of 340 marks

     -2014, qualified IELTS with 6 out of 9 bands

     -2013, qualified GPAT with 92 percentiles


Professional Affiliations: Indian Pharmacy Graduate Association

Projects Handled / Grants Received:  02